3 Great Websites to Learn Illustration/Concept Art Online

My 3 current favorite online art (mostly catered towards drawing and visual development/concept art) resources, what I like about each of them, and my favorite classes that they offer (that I’ve seen so far as of March 2016). Two of them are paid monthly subscriptions under $20 and one of the art learning resources is free. I’m not getting paid by any of these guys unfortunately (:p) so rest assured these are my honest opinions!

My Spring 2016 top 3 art/drawing learning resources are….

1) Society of Visual Storytelling ($15/month)svslearn.com – This is the most fun of the options below. The courses have title like “How to Draw Superheroes and their Side-kicks” and “Creative Composition” and the drawing tend to have a more cartoony vibe (in a good way!). You’ll still learn a lot, and they don’t shy away from the fundamentals.

2) New Masters Academy ($20/month)newmastersacademy.org – If you’re a renaissance artists who just arrived here through a mystical wormhole, then this is the site for you. This is the most academic and classical of the 3 choices. They go way in depth on topics like anatomy and perspective (the fundamentals). You can also learn traditional oil painting methods here.

3) Sycra Yasin’s YouTube Channel (Free!)youtube.com/user/Sycra – This guy has a more anime style, but has instructional YouTube videos that will be applicable to anyone. He’s very good at breaking things down to make them easy to learn.

BONUS!! 4) Schoolism ($15/month)schoolism.com – I’ve only taken 2 courses here through their subscription service, but my impression is that this would be the best subscription site if your focus is on difital painting and concept art. The classes are well structured with assignments/homework and you can also watch the recorded reviews of students who took the live class.

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