Anatomy Drawing (Video Tutorial Series)

These are four anatomy drawing tutorial video series especially for beginners. Have fun drawing!

Fantastic Anatomy!

The Fantastic Anatomy! method for learning to draw anatomy. AKA the fun way :] The key feature of this anatomy drawing series that makes it unique is that we throw proportion out the window! This means we get to learn the anatomy of the face while drawing all kinds of fantasy and sci-fi characters.

Body Anatomy

Anatomy tutorial videos on each of the different sections of the body. There is a separate video on the torso (front), back, arms, legs, hands and feet. Each video explores how to draw all the primary muscles in a particular anatomical region from front, side, and back views. I also try to simplify the muscle groups as much as possible to make them easier to draw and remember.

Drawing the Face / Head

How to draw the head and face, including videos for each of the features of the face. There are videos on the gesture and structure of the head and neck, muscles of the face, and how to draw the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and neck. You’ll learn the basic anatomy and how to draw all of these features from the front, side, and 3/4 views.

Figure Drawing

How to draw the figure as a whole, including gesture, structure, and skeleton of the figure. It is recommended to study the video anatomy drawing tutorial series above so you have a good understanding of the anatomy of different parts of the body before continuing on with this series. Note: This video tutorial series is currently in progress!

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