Body Anatomy Drawing (Video Tutorial Series)

Brought to you by the Neslon Academy of Imagination & Design, this course was created for learning the basics of the anatomy of the body (excluding the head – for that video series click here). This video tutorial series is focused on learning the most simple and practical ways to draw and understand bones and muscle groups of the human body.

How to Draw the Male and Female Torso (Front View)

This is the first video in a series on basic anatomy that will cover what I learn in my studies. This is not the “Fantastic Anatomy!” method, but is a basic tutorial to show you how to draw the torso from front view (for bot the male and female figure). I especially share little tips I dug up and figured out that I haven’t seen in too many places.

Drawing Back Muscles

Easy 5 step method for drawing the back. This is the bare bones info you need to know to draw the male back… without the bones… except for like… one bone, the scapula.

How to Draw Arms

Helpful tips for drawing the muscles of the arms. (Arm drawing made easy!) Drawn from several angles. I share with you the best tips that I’ve learned in my own recent study of the artistic anatomy of the arms.

Anatomy of the Hands

Lots of tips to help you learn to draw better hands and fingers. I cover how to draw the hand from the from and back view, as well as many other angles. You’ll learn the basic bone structure of the hand and fingers, as well as the most important features/landmarks to know about when drawing them.

How to Draw the Pelvis

How to draw the anatomy of the pelvis. Covers the pelvis area (including lower torso and upper legs) from front, side, and back views. The video talks about both the bones and muscles of the pelvis region.

How to draw Legs & Feet

The simplest way to draw the legs & feet, while retaining proper anatomy. This video breaks the legs into the only the most key muscle groups to make it very easy to learn. I then show how to get the basic shape of the feet down in a drawing. This is a beginner’s tutorial guide to drawing the legs and feet.

Woooo! Now you’re ready to start on the Figure Drawing course!

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