Ready to Learn to Draw the Head?

This video tutorial series teaches the basics of how to draw normal (not fantastical!) faces, heads and necks. Each video goes into detail on how to draw a specific feature from front, side, and 3/4 views. It’s recommended that the videos be viewed in the order below. Have fun and make sure to draw along!

The Gesture of the Head and Neck

Tips for drawing the gesture of the head. Different ways and shapes for representing the head quickly, but characteristically. Very rough drawings just for getting the idea down fast. And just generally helpful tips for drawing the head from the side, front, and back, and other angles.

How to Draw the Planes and Structure of the Head, Face, and Neck

I draw the head from front view, profile view, 3/4 view front, and 3/4 back view so you can get an idea of the structure of the head. Talk about the basic shape of the head, some of the important planes of the head, and my experience in how to best practice learning the structure of the head.

How to Draw the Muscles of the Face and Head

A detailed followed by a simplified look at the anatomy of the face. This is a great way to start practicing drawing faces for beginners. It lays a good foundation (understanding the underlying structure of the face) and is a much easier way to get good proportions than measuring out the surface features of the face. We will look at the muscles of the head and neck from front and side (profile) view.

Helpful Tips for Drawing the Eyes

How to draw the eyes from 3/4, front, and side views. This is a compilation of all the most useful tips for drawing eyes that I learned for drawing the eyes. You’ll learn a bit about the eye-socket and structure that the eyeball sits within, as will as important things to remember about the eye lids, iris, pupil, as well as placement in relation to each other and the nose.

How to Draw the Nose

How to draw the basic structure of the nose and how it fits on the face. Some easy tips for how to draw realistic noses from side, front, and 3/4 view. I talk about the different parts and planes, a cool way to draw nostrils, and step-by-step ways to draw the nose from different angles.

How to Draw the Lips and Mouth

How to draw the lips and mouth area from front, side, and 3/4 views. In this video I share a number of methods, including the very simple 5 circles method.

Helpful Tips for Drawing the Ears

How to draw realistic as well as more cartoony ears from front, side, and back view.

How to Draw the Neck

Beginner guide for how to draw the neck from front, side, and back views. Covers the basic muscles and form of the neck.


Super Easy Way to Draw the Neck

Very simple step by step process for drawing the neck from any angle. This is especially good for beginners or people (like me) who have trouble connecting the head to the body.

3 Different Ways to Draw the Head from 3/4 View

This is a fun and easy method to start drawing original characters while practicing/learning to draw the skeletal anatomy and features of the head!

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