Figure Drawing (Video Tutorials)

In these figure drawing series we look at the figure as a whole (for each individual body part check out the body anatomy and head/face anatomy video tutorial series). It is recommended you follow along in the order the videos appear below. This series is currently in progress, so mack sure to check back soon for new videos. Have fun drawing!

Gesture Drawing the Figure

4 simple ways to get started with gesture drawing, the foundational first step for any figure drawing. Gesture drawing as an initial step is something that is often overlooked, especially by beginner artists.

Drawing the Skeleton

How to draw a very simplified skeleton for the purposes of constructing the figure for figure drawing. I also go through the difference between male and female skeletons and how to draw the skeleton from front, back, side and 3/4 perspective.

Drawing the Structure of the Body

3 different ways to draw the structure/anatomy of the human body using basic shapes for figure drawing. This video covers the front view, side view, and a bit of 3/4 view too. Structure is using shapes to represent major skeletal/muscular forms. It’s a great way to position your figures in space before adding details.


Glenn Vilppu’s Figure Drawing Method

Glenn Villpu’s 5 step figure drawing method explained by the man himself, followed by two videos that explore these ideas more in depth. Glenn’s method is very intuitive and is a great foundation for figure drawing.

Drawing the Figure Structure of the Heroic Male

How to draw the structure of a realistically proportioned heroic male figure. This is your stereotypical buff guy or ancient warrior type, though not over-exaggerated.

More videos in this series are coming soon…

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