Artist Spotlight: Andrew Loomis

Archaic post… dated circa. 2013


Hello everyone, I just wanted to extend a personal greeting to all the mercenaries, warriors, wizards, and scoundrels who have so graciously joined me in my campaign to achieve anatomical excellence! I hope that you guys are gaining a lot from my lessons, but I also hope that you are learning even more-so from your own exploration. This is the key!

Really focus in on what you’re drawing! When drawing skin imagine how it wraps around the skull, what it feels like, the tension and elasticity, how it folds, etc. Think about how your own skull sits under your face and how your muscles move and stretch the skin to create expressions.

It is very important to engage as much of your focus and brain-power as possible to make significant improvements in a short amount of time. But it’s also extremely important to relax and enjoy yourself, because your subconscious mind is more active and much less resistant to new information in a relaxed state. I do my best work when I get really zoned-in to a drawing and forget whats going on around me because I’m so in my head. A good way to do this is to constantly evaluate what your doing by asking questions. Have a mental dialogue with yourself almost like your coaching or bouncing ideas off yourself or you’re just plain crazy.


Also check out lots of different methods. I know mine just rocks your socks off, but collection information from various sources is the only way to create a strong arsenal, young warrior.

Andrew Loomis is a great illustrator who wrote some even greater books on the subject.

Soon we will continue our studies with a post about “Hair and Necks.” Until then here are a few selections from Andrew Loomis’s simply titled books “Fun with a Pencil” and “Drawing the Head and Hands” to keep you inspired. Check back because I’m going to superimpose the skulls that we’ve been doing on some of these so you can more easily see how they relate.

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