Cartography & Worldbuilding

Fantasy map-making can be a LOT of fun, and very relaxing. Because there’s no right or wrong answer when drawing a map, it can be a meditative experience. In addition, I really enjoy coming up with stories and settings (worldbuilding) based on a drawing of a map. In this video series I’ll talk about fantasy cartography, drawing your own map, the connection between geography and culture, and fantasy world building.

Fantasy Map Making

A simple, step by step method for drawing naturalistic fantasy maps. Wait… is that an oxymoron? Either way, get your quill and parchment out cause we’re going to draw some fantasy maps!

Fantasy Worldbuilding

How to build a fantasy world starting from a map. Many writers and dungeon masters will create their world before drawing it out on a map. This might seem logical, but starting with a map and building a world around that actually makes more sense! This is because geography influences culture, much more than culture influences geography.

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