Character Design Challenge (Video Series)

This was a series of character design videos done in collaboration with Markus Creation on YouTube. (Hey Markus!) We took prompts that were generated somewhat randomly — we each chose 4 words and then mixed them up — and made a video chronicling our design process. For each of these prompts there is a Fantastic Anatomy! video and a Markus creation vid as well. Check them both out to see the different processes and results that came out of the same promp!

CDC #1: Mad Battlemage

Join me in the creation of Kwag-Mar, the mad battlemage!

Also check out Markus Creation’s mad battlemage by clicking here. He also does much better job at explaining the “rules” of this character design challenge than me in his video :S

CDC #2: Ruby Fighter

What is a ruby fighter, you might ask? Find out as we design a little chibi one in this character design challenge!

Check out Markus Creation’s ruby fighter by clicking here.

CDC #3: Seductive Mech

This very shot video showcases the silhouette method of character design.

You’ve GOT to check out Markus Creation’s seductive mechs….. to funny hahaha [WARNING! THESE MECHS ARE HIGHLY SEDUCTIVE]

CDC #4: Lightning Grandma

For real tho… You don’t want to mess with lightning grandma.

Check out Markus Creation’s lightning grandma hither.


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