Character Design Study (Video Series)

In this character design study series I pick awesome and iconic animated characters and explore what makes them such successful character designs. Then I also do a quick drawing of  each of these characters, emphasizing the character design features we discussed earlier in the video.

Character Design Study #1: Pikachu (Character Design)

What makes Pikachu from Pokemon such a popular character? What aspects of his character design make him cute, likable and distinctive? This video explores those questions while also looking at how Pikachu has changed through the years. Was the change for the better or worse? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Character Design Study #2: Wolverine

A look at Wolverine from X-Men’s character design. We’ll primarily look at Wolverines classic yellow spandex uniform, but also take a look at how he’s appeared in other costumes, including a very different style from X-Men Evolution.

Character Design Study #3: Piccolo

Piccolo from Dragonball Z is a very iconic character. But just what makes this green-skinned Nemekian so distinguished. A look at his character design shall reveal this mystery!

Character Design Study #4: Powerpuff Girls

What has made the powerpuff girls such popular characters for so long? How have they managed to be both cute and badass simultaneously? A look into the character design of the powerpuff girls will help us reveal just what makes them such awesome cartoon characters.

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