Digital Painting (Easy Video Tutorials)

Want to get started digital painting, but not sure where to begin? These videos will help you learn digital painting in Photoshop. Everything here is every step-by-step and easy to follow in real time, so you should be digitally painting in no time!

Very Simple Digital Painting Tutorial

Probably the easiest place to get started if you’re brand new to digital painting! Have fun painting a little nurble while learning about the basic tools and workflow in Photoshop.

Cartoony Digital Painting Tutorial

How to digitally paint in a cartoon style for complete beginners. Includes sketching, inking, coloring, cell shading, and use of gradients on overlay layers. Software: Photoshop CC 2015

Hue Shift in Light & Shadow (Color Theory)

AKA “What you NEED to Know about Light & Shadow (Color Theory Simplified)” This is the single most important thing I learned in art school!

General Digital Painting Tips

Some thought and tips for digital painting that I share as I work on this little Yoda with his pet chameleon!

Lasso Tool Landscape (Digital Painting)

Learn how to use Photoshop’s lasso tool to create beautiful landscapes with this relaxing digital painting method.

Painting a Landscape Color Study in Photoshop

Doing landscape color studies on Photoshop is a fun, relaxing way to start learning digital painting, while also working on your color sense/harmony (and landscape painting, duh!).

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