FA! #1: Drawing Expressive Fantasy Skulls

The first step and video in the Fantastic Anatomy! fantasy character drawing video tutorial series! We’re going to learn how to draw skulls, the foundation of any face drawing. But we wont draw basic skulls, instead we’ll draw these skulls with personality and expression. Make sure to draw along!

How to Draw Expressive Fantasy Skulls!

Step 1: Draw the basic shape of the head.

Step 2: Draw the eye sockets. Make sure that they have expression and character!

Step 3: Draw the basic shape of the nose.

Step 4: Draw the cheek bones.

Step 5: Draw the mouth line. It can be smiling or frowning or whatever. It doesn’t have to correspond with how the actual skull would look.

Step 6: Draw in the shape of the ears. They usually fit between the brow-line and the bottom of the nose.


Here are the finished sketches from the skulls we drew!


I wasn’t satisfied with how this first recording turned out so I started over. But I thought I’d share it here as it gives some more examples of fantasy skulls and even a time-lapse of me drawing the characters below :]

Who are your favorite and least favorite character(s) from either of the videos above? Let me know in the comments below.

My favorites are Ezfarel and Mooktar in the first video, and I gotta go with Norm on the second, haha. Least favorites… Personality-wise is Xander–he looks like a total douche. And creepiness -factor-wise is Zeebo, duh. (With Kiki Rico coming in a close second!)

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