Fantastic Anatomy! Original Character Drawing Series

Learn to draw your OCs (original characters) of the fantasy, sci-fi, or paranormal genres with this fun, draw-along video series.  We’ll go step by step through the process of drawing all sorts of fantasy characters portraits from the front view. Whether you’re drawing elves, dwarves, aliens, goblins, orcs, gnomes or bigfoot, this video tutorial series is for you!

Lesson #1: Draw Expressive Skulls!

In this video we learn to draw the skull, which is the basis for any fantasy portrait drawing. Instead of drawing the basic skull, we’ll make some adjustments that will help you get creative and invent/imagine all sorts of awesome characters!

Lesson #2: Fantasy Character Drawing Overview

An overview of the full Fantastic Anatomy! character creation process as we draw 3 very different characters!

This series is currently in progress… More videos are coming out every week!

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