Glenn Vilppu’s Figure Drawing Method

A series of videos exploring Glenn Vilppu’s 5 step figure drawing method.

Part 1: As Explained by Glenn

The virtuosic artist Glenn Vilppu’s approach to figure drawing. In this video he shares his step by step method along with speed drawing examples and a couple quick live demos.

You can learn more about figure drawing and artistic anatomy at:

(Filmed at CTNx 2016)

Part 2: The 5 Step Process

Glenn Vilppu briefly explained to my his 5 step figure drawing method in Part 1. In this video I just quickly break down his figure drawing method step by step.

Part 3: Demo

An example of using the method that I learned from Glenn Vilppu to draw a figure from reference. In this demo I draw a UFC fighter starting from gesture, then moving on to add 3-dimentionality, structure, etc.

You can learn more from Glenn Vilppu, figure drawing, and artistic anatomy here:

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