How to Draw Like J.C. Leyendeker

Here are some J.C. Leyendeker video studies I’ve done trying to better understand his style. One video focuses of drawing the head from profile view, using JC Leyendecker references, while the other is a digital painting study.

Drawing the Head from Profile View Leyendecker Style!

How to draw the male head and facial features in profile view. In this video I go through the structure, tips, and tricks, for drawing the shape of the head, the eye, nose, mouth/lips, and chin, using JC Leyendecker’s work as reference.

J.C. Leyendeker Digital Painting Study Video

A live streamed video study of a JC Leyendecker head from profile view.  There is some discussion as to drawing the structure of the head as well as how to sample colors effectively.

Software used was Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.


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