This page is where I keep all the art that inspires me. Lots of this art is great for reference and master studies. There are also videos here on the business side of art, to give you ideas and inspiration on how to apply yourself in that department as well!

Artist Spotlights

Some posts dedicated to artists that inspire me. There are galleries of each artist’s work as well as some info about them. Hopefully they’ll inspire you too!

Jonathan Sundy’s Tips for Freelance Illustrators

Great tips for aspiring freelance artists shared with my by the awesome Jonathan Sundy.

Art Expo Portfolio Tips

Some thoughts about what I learned my first time bringing my portfolio to an art/design expo, CTNx 2015.

Sketchbook Flip-Throughs

Here are some videos flipping through my sketchbook and sharing with you what I’ve learned along the way.


Finally, the truth about paint-hiking is revealed!

Sketchin’ It (The Artists’ Anthem)

The most gangsta song ya eva herd. UHHHHH! I’m gettin’ so AMPED to draw!!

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