Artist Spotlights

A collection of inspirational artists with examples of some of their work that inspires me. I also offer some commentary sprinkled in.

Frank Frazetta

Frazetta is a master of fantasy art with a distinctive style and flair for anatomy. So many fantasy artists of our generation have been inspired by Frank Frazetta that it might not be too much to call him the godfather of fantasy art.

Andrew Loomis

Loomis is probably best known for his several very interesting and helpful books on anatomy, figure drawing, drawing faces, and more. They have become a staple in the global figure drawing community.

Keith Pollard

Comic book penciler Keith Pollard has got some skills! Pollard is best known for his work in the 70s and early 80s on Thor, Fantastic Four, and Spiderman. This gallery features a few turn arounds that are great references for studying anatomy.

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