Old-School FA! Method: Drawing the Skull

We begin our study with the skull, and move outward and downward to learn all the parts of the humanoid body in a logical succession. The head is the most important part of drawing any humanoid, so it makes sense that we should start here.  This way it will get the most practice. Faces are also really fun to draw!

By experimenting with this method you’ll be able to draw out countless characters of all sorts.

So without any further ado…

The Skull!


The skull has many, many, little parts to it, but only a few important ones (for now at least).

These are:

  1. The eye sockets
  2. The nasal cavity
  3. The cheek-bones
  4. The mandible (aka jaw)
  5. and the forehead.

The nice thing about all these parts is that they all fit together beautifully, like a puzzle. And better yet, it is a familiar puzzle, We will begin by drawing the skull step by step. Don’t worry about details or proportions for now. As you will see, the variation in proportion and shape is what will give your humanoid characters and creatures a different feel or identity.

Scan 1

So here’s how to draw a basic skull:

Step 1: Eye Sockets

Step 2: Nasal Cavity

Step 3:  Outline the side of the Eye Sockets

Step 4: The Cheekbones

Step 5: The Jaw and Front Teeth

Step 6: The Forehead

Now I encourage you to explore the skull. Exploration is a key step to the process of Fantasy Anatomy. Draw a full page full of skulls! Maybe draw a big one and shade it in; keep in mind what is what is nearer to you and what is farther away. How the skull has hills, mountains, peaks, and caves.


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