Pretty much all the art and drawing stuff that’s not anatomy related. Most of these are also video tutorial series, but there’s also some other fun stuff mixed in :]


Draw your own fantasy map! Create your own fantasy realm!!

Draw D&D!

A fun series where I draw randomly generated fantasy characters/NPCs.

How to Draw Like… (Series)

In this series I study different artist’s styles and try to break them down so we can learn how to draw like them!

Character Design

All things character design related. Videos on shape in character design, character design studies, and more.


I really like drawing crazy chibi fantasy characters :] If you don’t know what I mean, click above worthy adventurer and ye shall find out!


Video tutorials on digital painting landscapes. These are really fun, easy ways to dip your feet into digital painting if you are a beginner or to relax and have fun if you’re more advanced.

Perspective Drawing

A video series on how to get an intuitive sense for drawing perspective. Specifically good method for people who really don’t like practicing perspective drawing!

Digital Painting

Digital painting video tutorials that are done in real time and use basic photoshop brushes, tools, etc.

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