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Welcome to my very special page for all things chibi :]

Draw D&D: Episode #1

In this first episode of Draw D&D we draw some chibi fantasy characters! We’ve got a hot tempered female halfling wizard, a drunken male gnome rogue, an emo elf sorcerer, and yes, even one defiant owl barbarian!

Ruby Warrior!

In this character design challenge I create a “ruby fighter”! We go through the process of trying out 3 different chibi character designs, exploring the shape language, before settling on and finishing up this glorious powerhouse you see before thee!

Lightning Grandma!?

In this character design challenge I make a digital painting of a chibi lightning grandma. I walk you through the whole process from thumbnailing, to adjusting composition, laying out the values, and then painting the darn thing!

Derek Laufman Chibi Style (Drawing Tutorial)

In this video I draw a chibi goku farmer in a derek laufman style! I’ll talk about the different elements of Laufman’s chibi style so you can incorporate them into your own!

Chibi Artcast!

In this video I talked a bit about why I like to draw chibi characters, as apposed to fully anatomically correct figures, and we draw a chibi naruto character (Magic Fish!). I also show you guys 2 different digital painting styles (well kindaaa, you’ll see what i mean… O.o)Also, check out this short speed-painting video of Haho Sakana!

 Chibi Sketchbook Flip-Through

Lots of sketches of chibi characters (among other drawings) in this sketchbook flip-through!

Chibi Gandhi Caricature :O

This video will be helpful if you want to draw chibi caricatures of your friends, family, or even Mahatma Gandhi!

Chibi Fantasy Comic!

Will this comic ever get made?! Find out on the next exciting episode of Chibi Fantas Z … da du dun dun da da dun duuun, da du dun dun da da dun duuun, da du dun dun da da dun duuun, dun dun dun, dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuuuuuuun…….. dun dun dun!

You can check out the out the development blog for many more chibi fantasy characters!

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