Welcome to Draw D&D!

This is a fun little “show” I like to do, where I get some randomly generated Dungeons & Dragons characters and draw them using a a variety of methods (basically whatever I felt like that day). Check ’em out and make sure that you draw along! 

Draw D&D Episode #1: Chibi Party!

SPOILERS!! In this episode we draw some chibi fantasy characters! We’ve got a hot tempered female halfling wizard, a drunken male gnome rogue, an emo elf sorcerer, and yes, even one defiant owl barbarian!

Draw D&D Episode #2: Jeremiah Hanes! (the sexiest half-orc in town)

SPOILERS!! In this episode we draw the most distinguished and handsome half-orc barbarian you’ve ever lain thine eyes upon… Jeremiah Hanes!

Draw D&D Episode #3: “What is Fantastic Anatomy!”?

Find out more about the philosophy and history of Fantastic Anatomy! as we draw a half-giant and a… wait… what is that thing O.o

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