Perspective Drawing (Video Tutorial Series)

This is a video series on how to draw perspective the fun way! (Hopefully!) Well, fun by perspective standards anyways… The series is called Practical Perspective, because we will practice our perspective by drawing things that are actually useful to know how to draw! This method is meant to help develop an intuitive grasp on drawing perspective. 

Practical Perspective #0: Drawing Shapes

The first step in learning to draw perspective. An easy and more fun (less methodical) method than you may be familiar with.

Practical Perspective #1: Small Household Items

Learn how to draw small household items in perspective.

Practical Perspective #3: Large Household Items (Furniture)

How to draw couches, tables, and chairs from different perspectives.

Practical Perspective #4: Houses & Buildings

How to draw houses and buildings in perspective the easy way!

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