Learning Art Online?

Is learning art online through YouTube videos and subscriptions sites really a good idea? I think so! The key is being self-disciplined (and liking drawing) enough to put in the long hours of drawing that re required to improve.

But if you just like drawing for fun these are also some awesome and free-to-inexpensive ways to learn more and have a great time doing it!

3 Online Art Study Resources (Video Review)

Online drawing/digital painting tutorial video sites reviewed. These were my top 3 choices at the time: SVS Learn, New Master’s Academy, and Sycra’s YouTube channel. This list is particularly geared towards those wanting to learn concept art and/or illustration. Take a look inside these sites and my thoughts on some the pros and cons of each.

Creating Your Own Art Curriculum (for Self-Taught Artists)

How to stay organized, moving forward, and be successful in teaching yourself to be a better artist. This is a simple method that I cam up with that has really worked for me and even been the source of many of the videos on this site!

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