[Review] Wacom Cintiq Companion 2

IMPORTANT: If you’re not watching on a desktop computer (where video annotations show) read this message first:

“NOTE: I am returning my Companion 2. After about 26 days of usage I was in the midst of working in Photoshop and the tablet shut down due to some error. Now it starts up to this “Aptio Setup Utility” screen (google it) and simply wont work. It appears to be a Windows operating system error, but I’m no expert. All I know is that I’m very disappointed that my tablet is no longer functioning. I had paid virus protection and took very good care of it (never dropped or anything) so I don’t see any reason why it should have had such a serious error. Before that I had been very happy with it. Needless to say, now I’m sad :'( — At least it happened within Wacom’s 30 day return period so I should be able to send it back and receive a full refund. Update: Just got off the phone with Wacom and I just have to pay the return shipping out of pocket.”

I made this reeeaally long video to give you an uncensored, real-time look into what it’s like getting and starting up a Wacom Cintiq Companion 2. It will give you a glimpse into what you get with the Companion 2 as well as what it’s like getting it all set up to create digital art on it with Photoshop CC.

I share with you all the tips and important info I learned that helped me, how I decided to get the Companion vs. an iPad or Surface Pro, and you also get to watch me struggle to to figure out the Windows 8.1 operating system :S (As well as why I’m sticking with 8.1 and NOT 10)

This is my first Cintiq (upgrade from a simple Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet).

Like I said, I know it’s long but if you’re thinking of/on the fence about investing in this expensive piece of hardware (or just want to watch me be a n00b) it might be worth your time.

Stay fantastic everyone! 🙂


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