Sketchbook Flip-Throughs

I wanted to share this because I noticed that most sketchbook flip-throughs show sketchbooks that have beautiful finished pieces on every page. My sketchbook philosophy is quite different. I believe a sketchbook is where you should be able to draw anything, bad or good, and really just experiment, practice, and get that pencil moving. Sketchbook pages are not precious, and so mine are an absolute mess, haha. There are some nice drawings here and there but mostly a LOT of practice stuff.

Sketchbook Flip Through (November 2016)

Warning: Implied Nudity! 😛 This sketchbook also features a lot of chibi characters, anatomy practice, as well as sketches from my 5-week trip to Serbia.

Sketchbook Flip Through (June 2016)

Warning! This is not a pretty sketchbook. ;P

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