Sketchin’ It (Hustlin’ Remix)


Everyday I’m Sketchin’ It (x???)

Who the heck you think you sketchin with, I’m Picasso bruh.

Singer Sergeant aint got nothin’ on my doodle cuz.

I sketch the arms. I sketch the face. I sketch the back.

Mechanic pencil, mac? I keep on clickin’ that.

I go through led like I was givin’ you an uzi shower.

I sketch so much that you would think that I got super-powers!

My line game good, yo. I drew ’em thin and thick.

I never render out. No, I’m drawing super quick.

Improve in every way. Improving everyday.

My sketch game hard so the only thing I gotta say is…

Everyday I’m Sketchin’ It (x???)

Every day, uh. Every day, UH!

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